Best Drones for Sale under $300

Exploring the skies have always only been a dream for many people, but the presence of drones have started to make many individuals hopeful of achieving what they see in their imagination. The improving production standards in this market has also continued to make more of the drone commodities very affordable; and at a budget of $300, a customer can purchase one that could help them live their dreams.

The drones within this budget brackets may not provide all the capabilities that can be found in higher quality products, but you are sure to get satisfaction with what you purchase. You can be sure to get good cameras, a fair flight time on the batteries and stable controls.

Let us cruise straight into the market to find the best drones that can be owned at the price we plan to spend;

  1. Yuneec Breeze

This drone features basic features but a very high camera quality for its price; a 13 mega pixel photo resolution and 4K resolution for videos. You will get automated flight modes here like Pilot Mode, Follow Me, Orbit Mode, Selfie Mode and Journey Mode for better capturing and instant streaming at 720p HD.

On a single charge, it has a 12 minutes flight time, and the stability uses a 3-axis Gimbal. The design is sleek and simple.

  1. Cheerson CX-20

This drone is a beauty on the outlook, it operation is very durable with a 300 metres long range for controls and many automatic flight features like the Return Home, Hover and Auto landing. It has a flight speed of 22 mph on a 15 minutes flight time.

It is compatible with the GoPro camera, as it does not come with its own camera; but the stability controls works with the Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) system. It can easily recover from a spin.

  1. Holy Stone HS100

This is a user-friendly drone without a sleek design and durable functionality. There is a smart 720p resolution camera fixed to it, and this helps to provide the best view from the skies.

HS100 has a 15 minutes flight time with control range of about 500 metres; but the use would loosing visuals after 150 metres.  The propellers are fixed on high quality brushed motors, but the brushless motors seem better.

  1. ZeroTech Dobby

Dobby is a small quadcopter with good performance and stability. It has a flight time of about 8 minutes with a controller range of about 100 meters long. The design is simple and you should consider this selfie drone with your budget of $300.

The camera on this drone is a powerful 13 mega pixel, 4K resolution; and there are automatic features like the Follow Me, target tracking and facial recognition to help with flight flexibility.

  1. Force 1 UDI U818A

This quad copter is simple drone with a reliable camera. The design has shields around the propellers and this build helps it hold up if there happens to be a crash. The flight performance is completely stable with its six axis gyro stability.

The U818A has LED lights located in between its propellers, and a headlight that serve best for night flights. You may be surprised that to get a video sharing feature and an air flip button. Flight time here is 9 minutes on a 500mAh battery.

Here you have it, the best options of the very affordable innovation. You should be fine with one of these items especially if you are a beginner in flying drones; getting quality value while learning easily is what these drone picks will offer.