September 12, 2012

Early Morning Departure - Sacramento, California

I took these pictures early yesterday on my way out of Sacramento, California.  What a beautiful morning!  The great thing about going west is that even the early departures don't feel early.  The sun wasn't even up when we pushed from the gate, but my body thought it was after 8am.

That's Lake Tahoe in the last two pictures.  The camera doesn't do justice to the view.  I wish you could have been there!


  1. When I was on my honeymoon, we flew AirCal (yes it was a long time ago) into TVL from LAX. It seemed like all of a sudden we flew over Half Dome at Yosemite, circled the lake surrounded by snow covered mountains and landed. It's one of the wonders of the world.

  2. My home town! (Sac, not Tahoe).

    I have a similar picture of Tahoe from the 172 on a flight from Sacramento to Lone Pine Ca. It is truly a beautiful view!

  3. Enjoy seeing and riding those Maddogs. For the self loading freight, wider passenger seats. Fewer middle seats. Many seats ahead of the wing.

    But time and MD80 retirements march on. For the MD80 pilot, fewer destinations, fewer flights. When should the informed FO transition to the 737 or some other plane that will be increasing in number while MD80 flights decrease? The company claims they will not lay off pilots.

  4. Great pictures... Thanks for sharing!... Early morning departures are always so unique.

    The A/P panel on the MD-80 (DFGCP, am I right?) has always intrigued me. So different from the Boeing philosophy.

  5. I would almost go through pilot training for pilot service just to get mornings like this. I agree with Bernie C that these are some great pictures! I will say that it's on my bucket list to ride in the cockpit of an airline plane. Hopefully someday I'll the chance to take some pictures of my own.

  6. Lovely pics! Always love heading into/out of SFO, OAK and SMF b/c you get such a lovely view of the Sierras, and Lake Tahoe! I too have taken many pics that just don't do it justice!

    My favorite tho is heading into SFO, and getting an early turn to Modesto. It sets me up for a PERFECT view of a traditional, extremely remote family camping area south of Yosemite, in the Ansel Adams wilderness...sigh, so many great childhood memories!