August 6, 2012

Pic: Long Flight to DCA

These two pictures were taken yesterday as my day was starting to improve. I was scheduled to fly 7.5 hours and ended the day with well over 9 hours added to my logbook. Weather in the northeast was the story of the day.

The first pic was taken while waiting our turn for takeoff from runway 19 at DCA. I prefer to land south and takeoff to the north, but didn't get to do either yesterday. We landed north, then the wind shifted before takeoff and we departed south...bummer. The view and the challenge of staying over the river north of the airport is a lot of fun.

I took the second pic while climbing through the clouds on my way back to DFW. The view and the sensation of climbing through the tops of the clouds will always be one of my very favorite things. So beautiful!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous cloud pic! I love landing south and taking off north at DCA as well--don't get to do that enough!

  2. Cool blog. I'm a controller at Potomac. We prefer DCA to be north.

    1. I'm sure north flow is easier on everyone, but I like the challenge. Thanks for stopping by.